Sunday, July 12, 2009

NASCAR Video #1

Well, folks, it's finally here, the first NASCAR video in our series. We took our Mac to the Mac store for diagnosis (one great thing about buying a Mac -- tech support is FREE!) and found that the problem was not with our external hard drive. It was a corrupted iPhoto library. Anyone using a Mac knows that the default for importing clips from a digital video camera like a Webbie or Flip is to dump them into iPhoto. You can bypass this, but we didn't since we were using iMovie. Unfortunately, this was where all the hang-ups occurred. We simply pointed iMovie to a new (and empty) iPhoto library and we were off a running. A free solution!

The Film Fund will be an ongoing thing for us personally, since we realize we'll reach the glass ceiling of iMovie eventually. But for now, the crisis has been averted. Thanks to everyone who helped us out: friends, family, social media acquaintances, and Fiesta Movement agents. You all are awesome!

So without further ado, sit back and enjoy our feature presentation:

More videos to come -- full length driver interviews and a tribute to the NASCAR experience.


Jillian said...

Awesome!!! Can't wait to see the extended version!

mommyofgirls said...

That just rocks! I can't believe you guys! Your videos are amazing!

Mandy said...

Thanks!! We had a TON of fun. :)

NLockwood-Tilghman said...

Yay! I'm finally getting to watch your videos. I got SO STOKED when I saw you interviewed Bill Elliot--he was always our favorite growing up! I wanna drive 100 in the Fiesta!