Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fiesta Test Drive: Power-Shifting and Cornering

Agent Mandy's brother was a bit skeptical about the magic of the Fiesta. He just couldn't take his little sister's word for it. So we gave him the keys and let him tear it up. His reaction is pretty priceless.

You'll also enjoy tasty nuggets from Mandy like, "Was it anything what you thought?" Yup. You can see why her brother thought none too highly of her opinion. But now? He just might be changing his tune.

Thanks, Ford Fiesta!

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NLockwood-Tilghman said...

Oh man, I know what your bro felt like...that thing drives like buttah! I loved it. I am personally thanking you for the gift of driving it. Does that sound silly? It may be. But it really was like a present to me during your visit. *sigh* I miss having a standard.