Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looks Like We Got A Convoy...

Fiestas all across the nation will be hitting the road after Thanksgiving and heading to Los Angeles. It's called the Fiesta Convoy. You in?

Get in the convoy spirit with this classic ditty:

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December 1st and 2nd, Fiesta Agents will be attending the L.A. Auto Show to participate in the long-awaited reveal of the 2011 Ford Fiesta. Mass hilarity is sure to ensue. There will be photos. There will be tweets. There will be video. There will be excitement of immense proportions.

On our way there, we'll be stopping by Pops Soda Ranch, as well as Cadillac Ranch. Got any other suggestions for side-of-the-road photo opps?

So if you find yourself on any interstate in the American West, you're sure to spot one of us, cruising along. Honk if you love Fiestas.

Tally ho!

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Wayne Gerdes said...

Hi Joel and Mandy:

I will be leaving Chicago on Nov 29 to be in LA by Dec. 1 in a 2010 Lexus HS 250h for review. I would like to catch up with all of you somewhere along the route for a story and a ton of pics if you are following a similar timeline?

On another note, I get to drive the European Fiesta at the Midwest Automotive Media Association’s (MAMA) November meet tomorrow with Ford’s George Papas. I cannot wait :)

If you have not made hotel reservations (hopefully Ford is putting all the agents up on their dime downtown?), the Downtown LA Marriott can be Pricelined for $60 per night. Do not use their parking but a parking garage down the street for $10 per night...

It will be sad to see you and the rest of the Agents time with your Fiesta’s end but I hope it was an enjoyable 6 months. It sure looked like a lot of fun per my coverage of the Fiesta and the Fiesta movement in particular: http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=121

Stay safe and I hope to meet up with you and many of the other Agents along good “Old Route 66” later this month or early next. Or I hope to meet up with many of you at the Reveal during the Press Event itself.

Good Luck and enjoy the ride!

Wayne Gerdes - Owner/Admin - www.CleanMPG.com

blissee said...

i wish i could take the time off of work to drive out. i'll be flying down from san francisco, where i'm spending time with my old crew. CAN'T WAIT TO MEET YOU 2!!!

Anonymous said...

Wayne - Unfortunately, our travel plans have changed and we are now flying out to LA, but there are still a few Fiesta agents planning on driving out. You can find them on Twitter if you search for the hashtag: #fiestaconvoy.

Bliss - We'll see you there, sistah!