Sunday, April 5, 2009

Name Our Fiesta!

As you know, we've been assigned a Red Fiesta for our missions. Now it's time to name him/her. Feel free to add your own suggestions, or vote for one of ours. Let's do this thing!

Mary Jane (from Spiderman cuz of the red hair)
Pepper (like a red hot chili pepper)
Paprika (also red and spicy)
Lola or Lolita
Chi Chi
Weasley (as in Ron Weasley, also red hair)
Das Rojo
Captain Speed
Trixie (Speed Racer)
Spritle (Speed Racer)


Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys! awesome opportunity ;) Trixie, I like that one!

Anonymous said...

I like Trixie the best out of those.

Anonymous said...

I like Pepper

MotorFanatic said...

Weasley. AWESOME

Flat4Scooby said...

spritle, good luck and enjoy the car i know ill be following the adventures.

Philip Subacz

Anonymous said...



Rasmussens said...

so get work last night, i had some down time, so i was browsing over the latest news on your new preceptor happened to past by and ask me if i was thinking on buying a car. i told her the story, showed her the video and she had a great laugh, among others. so your application video along with the other videos kept us entertained for awhile. :-) hope you make a soho stop on your way back from picking up FeFe.