Thursday, April 30, 2009

We're on Food Network!

After Mission Control let us loose in Chicago with our new car, we decided to take a quick jaunt up to Superdawg to give Pepper the drive-in experience. Many a car buff has been known to hang there, so we thought we would show off our shiny new toy.

When we pulled into the parking lot, a man asked us if we were dining inside or out. When we told him outside, he grinned and said, "Right this way! If you back in to this spot, you'll be in some of the shots!" That was when we noticed about a dozen people laden with various camera and audio gear strategically placed around the parking lot. A flag bearing the Food Network logo flapped in the wind, and we knew at once we had struck gold.

As soon as we parked, a swarm of people hovered around the Fiesta, asking questions, snapping photos, sitting inside, and oohing and ahhing over the leather interior and Pepper's other luxurious features. "This is a Ford?" they asked, astounded. "How did you win it?" "Do you have to give it back?" "When will they go on sale?" "Will you have to pay taxes on it?"

It seemed Pepper was the main attraction for quite a while, even though Food Network stars Chris Cosentino and Aaron Sanchez were there. If you watch Iron Chef America, you might remember them from last season's The Next Iron Chef. They were at Superdawg that day filming an episode of a new show, Chefs vs. City, which airs in July. No one from Food Network seemed to notice the third star on the lot, but they're foodies, not gear heads, so we forgive them for the snub.

Soon everyone hopped in their vehicles and the cameras started to roll. Pepper should be in a few passing shots, and her bright red bod shouldn't be too hard to spot. It was a fun experience, the entire shoot only took about an hour. Food Network must really know how to churn it out. Let's just hope all the shots with our Fiesta aren't left on the cutting room floor.

Afterwards we each enjoyed a Superdawg, and Mandy proceeded to drop various hotdog-related goo on Pepper's leather seat. With a little elbow grease, however, it's as good as new. It seems the swanky Fiesta can do the drive-in thing up right.

So the next time you're in Chicago, head up to the north side for a treat. They'll be glad you came.

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NoteWorthyIMs said...

That's awesome! What a nice coincidence! At least you got to eat while watching right??!! :)

Anonymous said...

I grew up on Sonic Drive-In's in the midwest. They are now in MI, with one south of Detroit (Southgate). Maybe 'Pepper' needs to make an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Really? Mandy grew up with Sonic too. We'll add that to our mid-mission weekends. Thanks!