Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Our First Mission

Mission Control posted a great list of missions for us to choose from. It was a first come first serve sort of deal, so you had to make your selection fast. The one we chose? "Find and visit the largest waterfall in your state. Get wet, but don't get hurt."

Sounds pretty cool, right?

We thought so too until we went online to do some research. What did we discover? Oh! The largest waterfall in Michigan is the Tahquamenon Falls. And...we've already been there. Here's proof:

Our first reaction was to slump our shoulders and pout. We were hoping to experience something we'd never seen before. However, Joel pointed out that we only visited Tahquamenon's Lower Falls. (And they weren't that pretty, as you can see.) It's the Upper Falls that are the largest in Michigan.

So, our Fiesta will take us back north to black bear country. Maybe we'll find some extra time to explore other waterfalls in the area. Maybe take a different route this time. Maybe hack our iPhone and broadcast a live video stream from the Upper Peninsula. Wait, did I type that out loud?

Whatever the mission brings, we hope to make it memorable. Can't wait to share it with you.



MichiganFolkLive said...

I thought all the FiestaMovement Fiestas were supposed to have rad graphics? Or did you choose a graphics free model?

Mandy said...

We looked at all the graphics but none of them looked that great on red. Many of us with red cars got them sans graphics. I think it's best for us, being in the Detroit area. We'll get more street cred with car lovers if we go traditional.